Atomkraft? Kernenergie? Kernkraft? Ja, bitte!

By Michael Karnerfors, 2010-09-24

For our German friends, there are now three versions of the Smiling Atom artwork available for download in German.

In case you are wondering why there are three versions, well it's because our german friends are a little ambivalent to the whole concept, which reflects on the language. 🙂 Nuclear power can be translated synonymously to "Atomkraft" (Atom(ic) power), "Kernenergie" (nuclear energy) and "Kernkraft" (nuclear power). The person that requested a version (you know you can do that, right?) in German wanted "Kernenergie" and "Kernkraft". But in the old days, when the Smiling Sun logo was made, it said "Atomkraft? Nein Danke", so I included that as well.

I hear nuclear power in Germany is facing quite a few upturns and much debate, so I reckon this might come in handy soon. Best of luck to you!

Atomkraft? Ja, bitte
Atomkraft? Ja, bitte

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Election gives no clear answer on nuclear power in Sweden

By Michael Karnerfors, 2010-09-20

After the election in Sweden september 19, 2010, the situation for the Swedish nuclear power remains uncertain. While the pro-nuclear Alliance coalition did take the biggest count, and the anti-nuclear redgreen leftist coalition fell flat on its face, neither coalition got majority which leaves the the xenophobic Sweden Democrats (sd) with tiebreaker seats in the Swedish riksdag (parliament).

For the past 30 years in Sweden, no permit for building nuclear power reactors has been given, because it has been prohibited by law. The center-right Alliance that won the last election in 2006 tore up that law in June this year... almost anyway: it's not going away until the end of this year. The redgreen coalition, with the Green Party in it, promised they would rip up this decision and reinstate the law. For the most part it looked like a clean cut situation: if the Alliance wins, we get new nuclear power. If the redgreens wins, we get none.

Now when all the premilinary counts are in it turns out we landed on the knife's edge: neither coalition got majority. The (sd) party are pro-nuclear, by all means, but the question is what the Alliance will do now.  Will they seek passive support from (sd), or will they - as has already been hinted - seek support from the greens and have that party move from their redgreen coalition just to keep (sd) out of the government? And if the greens - which are dogmaticly opposed to nuclear power - end up in the government, what happens then?! It's completely impossible for them to go along with any pro-nuclear proposition, or they will split down the middle. On the other hand, three out of four parties in the Alliance are strongly pro nuclear and they went into this election that way, so they can't back down either and suddenly say no to nuclear power again.

So... all in all: this election leaves us with no clear answers on the nuclear power in Sweden for now.

Försöker Naturskyddsföreningen pÄverka valet med fusk-statistik?

Av Michael Karnerfors, 2010-09-17

Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen vill inte ha uranbrytning i Sverige. Ok, inte mig emot om de tycker pÄ det viset. Men nÀr de blandar politik, egengjorda undersökningar och statistik i leken blev det genast frÄgan om fulspel (surprise surprise).  

Fuskar de i valtider?
Fuskar de i valtider?

SNF gick den 14 september ut med ett press-meddelande dÀr de pÄstÄr... 

TvÄ av tre centerkandidater mot ett uranförbud

Steg för steg öppnar Centerpartiet för att tillĂ„ta uranbrytning i Sverige. Inför valet 2006 ville partiet förbjuda uranbrytning. Under mandatperioden har Centerpartiets ledamöter i riksdagen röstat ner förslag om förbud. NĂ€r nu Naturskyddsföreningen frĂ„gar partiets riksdagskandidater om de vill ha ett förbud mot uranbrytning svarar endast 33 procent ja. Även Kristdemokraterna svĂ€nger, bara 13 procent stöder idag ett förbud 

Denna ton speglas sedan i den TT-artikel som flertalet tidningar tagit med dÀr rubriken Àr "Centern svÀnger om uranbrytning" och artikeln inleds med pÄstÄendet "Centerpartiet hÄller pÄ att svÀnga i sin syn pÄ uranbrytning i Sverige" 

NÀr man lÀser rÄmaterialet dÀremot visar sig en helt annan bild. I sjÀlva verket hade 21 stycken Centerpartister svarat och av dem vad det... 

  • 7 som sade "Ja" till ett rikstĂ€ckande förbud
  • 9 som sade "Nej" till förbudet
  • 5 som sade "Tveksam / Vet inte / Vill inte svara"

Att SNF pÄstÄr att "Vet inte" Àr samma sak som "Nej" Àr givetvis lögn och förbannad dikt. 

Än mer skiljer sig undersökningen frĂ„n pressmeddelande nĂ€r man lĂ€ser de kommentarer som följer med svaren. Av de som svarat "Nej" eller "Tveksam/Vet inte/Vill inte svara" sĂ„ hade majoriteten kommenterat och nyanserat svaret. Temat i dessa kommentarer var solklart. Jag Ă„terger nĂ„gra av dem nedan:  Continue reading Försöker Naturskyddsföreningen pĂ„verka valet med fusk-statistik?