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New year's resolution: 12 reasons to love nuclear power in 2012

Hello nuclear friends everywhere, and a big hello to our antagonists as well... hope you all had some great holidays these past days.

Here is a new year's resolution from Nuclear Power Yes Please:

In 2012, we will give you 12 reasons to love nuclear power

Here's how it's going to work: at the beginning of every month we will give the headline for a reason to love nuclear power. During the month we will be authoring an article that details everything behind the reason with links, referenes, diagrams, illustrations and the logic behind the argument. By the end of the month, the article will be given a permanent link on the website that you can reference whenever you want and use the material.

So... kicking off, here's reason number one:

Nuclear power saves lives

In Feburay 1, the article for this will be presented, along with the next reason.

Happy New Year everyone!