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The spent fuel pool at Fukushima #4

A former DOE assistant secretary for renewable energy, Robert Alvarez, has lately been spreading a lot of fearmongering about the stability of the spent fuel pool in reactor 4 at Fukushima. From the start of the accident a lot of question marks regarding the pool has been floating around, including the statement from the NRC chairman Jaczko that the pool might have run dry. Later is was however shown that the pool was never in any danger, it was never damaged in the earthquake and tsunami and it never ran dry. TEPCO released footage from the pool itself and its clear that it is intact and full of water. Continue reading The spent fuel pool at Fukushima #4

Fukushima Answers - new site

There is a new website where you can see answers about the Fukushima events.


Don't fear the unknown. Ask!

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