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Visit to Marviken

Sometimes the NPYP bunch tires of being rough on the roughnecks and decides to leave the jungle headquarters for a walk on the streets like normal people. Such an momentous occasion happened this week, and where else could they be found other than at the only oil fired nuclear power plant in the world (don't tell us we don't know how to party!)?

The power plant in question is Marviken, located about 150 km driving distance from Stockholm. It was supposed to be the first large scale electricity producing nuclear power plant built according to "the Swedish line". The design principles behind the Swedish line was:

  • Natural uranium as fuel so that the abundant Swedish uranium resources could be utilized without any need to depend on import.
  • Heavy water as moderator because light water steals to many neutrons to be possible to use with natural uranium fuel.
  • Possibility to refuel during operation so that fuel bundles can be removed at the point where the Plutonium isotope composition is the most beneficial as weapons material.

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