Nuclear Power? Yes Please
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Below you can find a number of  localized variants of Smiling Atom artwork. If you would like a variant in a language that is not yet listed, please visit the Requests, Feedback & Questions forum.

Alternatively you may download it as a modifyable Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) image (right-click and select "Save as...") and change that to your own langauge. If you have questions or tips regarding editing this picture, please visit The Workshop forum.

If you prefer the original "Nuclear Power? No Thanks" symbol, the Smiling Sun, your are welcome to visit The Smiling Sun's homepage or WISE's web store.


Nuclear Power? Yes Please
Nucléaire? Oui Merci
Français - French
Kernkraft? Ja Tak
Dansk - Danish
Kernkraft? Ja Bitte
Deutsch - German
Energia Nuclear? Si, Gracias
Español - Spanish
Energia Nucleare? Si, Grazie
Italiano - Italian
Kernenergie? Ja graag
Nederlands - Dutch
Kjernekraft? Ja takk
Norsk - Norwegian
Energia Jądrowa? Tak Poproszę
Polski - Polish
Energia Nuclear? Sim, Obrigado
Português - Portuguese
Ядерная энергия? Да, пожалуйста
Русский - Russian
Atomstrom? Jo Gärn
Schweizerdeutsch - Swiss-German
Ydinvoimaa? Kyllä Kiitos
Suomi - Finnish
Kärnkraft? Ja Tack
Svenska - Swedish


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