Nuclear waste.

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Nuclear waste.

Postby EllsBells » 11 Jan 2011, 00:07

There are many ways to generate power, everything from nuclear power to windmills. The best way without a doubt to generate massive amounts of power is by using nuclear power. I think it is one of the greatest human ideas because there is no way the amount of electricity needed to run a country can be done by Hydroelectric power or wind farms. Alas, like all great ideas it has come under public scrutiny in reason years. The flaws of nuclear power such as toxic waste, fumes, having to located by water, cancer and sometimes even mutation have been big worries...and I can see why. The actual process is not harmful but it is the left over product that causes a hoopla. We have to bury it deep underground (this is done with a lot of safety and paper work) but it leaves that small chance that waste could leak out into the soil and change the environment around it.

My questions are these...

Is there a better way then just dumping waste underground?
Should we stop wasting time with these alternative power methods that realistically won't be as effect as nuclear power?
How can we better the image of nuclear power and its advocates? At the moment we are thought of as not giving a damn about the environment and would rather just make a lot of Mr. Burns.

Thanks You.
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Re: Nuclear waste.

Postby Michael » 11 Jan 2011, 08:47

No form of power generation is wasteless. The great dvantage of nuclear is that the amounts are minute compared to other forms of power generation, and we know how to completely separate it from the biophere.

What a collapsed tailings dam can do we saw in Hungary last year. Coal ash slurry dam accidents happen frequently. And fossil fuel exhausts are an outright killer, with millions of man-years lost every year globally due to health impacts.

That's where we differ: we acknowlege there is waste while most others just assume their pet form of power doesn't have any; the amounts are minute; we can protect the biosphere from it in the short run; we are working on a long term solution; and nature itself has already demonstrated a viable solution (the Oklo site).

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