How you can change unfavorable in to good views

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Re: How you can change unfavorable in to good views

Postby NuclearSpeak » 19 Jan 2012, 13:42

Nice post. It's quite difficult to change unfavorable in to good news, but it's not impossible. We have to just create awareness in people of our country. I know it's not easy task, but when you try hard and do sincere work towards what you want to achieve, then no one can stop you. For example most of people have negative thinking on nuclear energy, there are so many myth about energy.

For example Myth: Nuclear energy harms environment.
Fact: During the operation nuclear reactors do not emit greenhouse gasses; in addition, during their whole lifetime their total emission is incomparable to renewable forms of energy such as wind and solar. Also nuclear energy requires less land use than most other forms of energy.
Let your voice be heard as you talk about whether you feel nuclear energy is useful and safe. Give your opinion freely
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