Collection of statements by Michio Kaku, and debunks

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Collection of statements by Michio Kaku, and debunks

Postby Lantzelot » 30 Nov 2012, 02:31

This post will be updated whenever time permits.

Here is a (still very small) collection of statements, articles, videos and other links related to Michio Kaku, followed by debunking from others, if available. Comments and help with links are welcome.

Rationalwiki entry on Michio Kaku

Rod Adams on Atomic Insights:
25 November 2005: "Cheap energy" quotes from nuclear power foes

Detailed scrutiny of Kaku's statements after Fukushima by a Canadian living in Japan:
23 July 2011: Michio Kaku = Douche
24 July 2011: Michio Kaku rant - Bibliography
30 July 2011: One more for the road
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