Tsunami & earthquake

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Tsunami & earthquake

Postby tamathax » 15 Jan 2013, 12:51

What type of natural disaster do you think would be the worst? kind to have to deal with? Tsunami, earthquake, floods, fire, tornado, hurricane? And where you live what is the most likely to happen there? I live in a fire-prone area. In 2008 forest fires were burning a mile and a half away from our house for about a month.
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Re: Tsunami & earthquake

Postby Matte » 17 Jan 2013, 06:59

You need to specify in relation to what!? I have assumed you mean in relation to nuclear power generation!?

For nuclear power the worst natural disaster would be meteorite impact, however the risk and probability for this is so low that you should worry more about being struck by lightning, several times. Second worst would be a significant tsunami.
Here in Sweden we have earthquakes, floods and forest fires to worry about. However, the earthquakes are very small and are not considered (significant earthquakes have not been recorded for millions of years). Flooding can be bad in places but do not affect our nuclear installations as they are placed on sea-side bedrock. Forest fires can be a concern but yet again does not affect our powerplants as they are sorounded by a significant industrial area, so even if the fire got as close as to the "fence" the installations would not be affected.

Nuclear power plants are hard buildings/facilities, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural phenomena does not pose a significant risk of resulting in releases of radioactivity to the public. High winds might topple a vent stack and cause superficial damage to buildings but will not cause damages leading to a meltdown.

Tsunami is something that can be protected against assuming you consider the site's historical record, similar applies for earthquakes. We have gotten really good at constructing "things" in earthquake zones...

Answer to our question?
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