Translation: "Everyone is entitled to an opinion..."

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Translation: "Everyone is entitled to an opinion..."

Postby Michael » 28 Jan 2009, 20:20

This is a translation of a blog entry that a person made, and to which I replied (first reply). Since I currently write all my blog entries in English I thought it'd be appropriate for non-swedish readers to take part of the original so they would know just exactly what it was I thought was a load nonsense.

The original entry: ... -aven.html

My translation:

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, including Michael...

I knew the day would come then fatuity and singlemindedness would be given a face. A man whose own opinions are the only right ones, while everyone elses opinion are are wrong!

(image of Michael, linked from

A man who on paper is seen as learned, a product of Lund University. A more narrowminded person has to be searched for. He had the good taste to criticise me vocally after I an entry made in the debate about mobile phones and their radiation (here is the entry along with all his comments).

Up until today I have wondered what such a inveterate and singleminded person is doing when they are not trying to force their opinions on others.
Now I know...

Michael is running a webpage along with some friends I presume, who all have gotten stuck on the notion that nuclear power is the best thing for mankind since the wheel. He is rambling about those that are worried about a Chernobyl-type accident happening in Sweden, saying that such a thing is not possible in Sweden.

Hey kid, it's been close more than once!

The nuclear powerplant at Forsmark suffered an incident in july 2006 that in worst case could have led to a nuclear meltdown.

But just as when it comes to people worried about the hazardous effect of mobile phones, Michael dismisses this as nonsense.

Quite honestly I don't give a damn who Michael Karnerfors is, the only thing that bothers me is people who don't respect other people's opinions.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, including Michael!

Original text: The King of Lagom country. Translation: me.

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