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Smiling Atom artwork that you find, is available for free to download, use, publish, modify and re-distribute as you see fit. You may do pretty much anything you want with it under the following conditions:
  • You credit the website as the origin.
  • You do not use Smiling Atom artwork, nor derivations of such, for commersial purposes.
  • If you distribute Smiling Atom artwork, or derivations of such, you do so with the same kind of licence, that is to say a Creative Commons 3.0-BY-NC-SA licence, or equivalent.
If you have any questions regarding the usage or licensing of Smiling Atom artwork, please visit our Requests, Feedback & Questions forum.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.
Unless noted otherwise, everything here may be used for free, under the conditions listed on this page.