General Forum Rules - You are expected to have read this

General Forum Rules - You are expected to have read this

Postby Michael » 05 Dec 2008, 23:53

Hello and welcome to Nuclear Power Yes Please. We do hope you enjoy your stay.

To help make it enjoyable for everyone, there are a few rules we expect you to follow while on these forums.

1 Everyone is welcome
    This forum is a gathering-place to discuss nuclear power and its surrounding science, technology and political issues. One cannot discuss much with one side only. Therefore everyone, no matter whether they are for or against nuclear power, is welcome here provided they follow the rules.

    Anyone not being a moderator trying to make people feel not welcome here is very likely to get kicked out of here.

2 Be respectful
    Being respectful means that you shall behave towards other people as you would towards any person you meet face to face. You shall not use profanity or vulgarisms aimed at a person or persons, and it doesn't matter if they are a member on these forums or not. You shall not attack a person's character without due and very well explained cause. You shall not make broad demeaning statements towards groups or organizations of people without due and well explained cause.

    Rule of thumb: if you are not certain whether you're being respectful or not, assume by default that you are not and modify your post accordingly.
3 Do not break the law
    Using these forums to break the law in any way will result in your removal from here and quite possibly a notification being sent to the appropriate authorities, along with IP-number logs and other information we have available on the perpetrator.

    This includes publishing of copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright owner, or without valid exemptions in the applicable copyright laws.

Finally a notice on Free Speech...

Free Speech does not apply here.
    Free Speech and Freedom of Expression does not apply to things such as privately owned forums. You have about as much right to demand using these forums as you have stomping into the offices of a large newspaper and demanding that they print your story on the front page. That is to say: not at all. Your presense here is by our kind permission, not an obligation to let you in. It is a privilege to be here, not a right.

    As such, the moderators of this website have final say of what and who is allowed here.

/Michael, on behalf of the moderators of Nuclear Power Yes Please
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