Welcome aboard! Tell us about yourself.

Welcome aboard! Tell us about yourself.

Postby Michael » 27 Mar 2009, 12:13

As the administrator of this place, I regularly browse through all new user accounts in watch of spammers. I noticed that while spam bot incursions are rare, we have plenty of new users. Peeking at who you are, I noticed that virtually all of you have experience and knowledge of the subject of nuclear power, which of course makes me very happy to see.

However not everyone here has my administrative power so they are not yet aware that you exciting people have registered. So I'd like to ask everyone that registers:

Please take a moment to write a short introduction about yourself and your interrest in nuclear power in this thread.

And of course everyone is welcome. Dont' be shy. Even if your are not a deep expert in nuclear power but rather an eager young learner that wishes to know more, let us know that you're here, because nothing spurs us more than those that are curious and come seeking knowledge and information. :)

Thank you.

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