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6 months after Fukushima

Last updated on March 1, 2013

All we have to fear is fear itself, not the fearmongers who spread it


Chris Busby



The outcome of the events in Fukushima are far from over, and there are many facts that will take years before they become available. There are a number of things that can be handled better, not the least the flow of information from TEPCO and Japanese authorities.





Arnie Gundersen


Meanwhile, the suffering, fears and worries of the people affected is made even worse than it need to be, thanks to a number of fearmongers who exaggerate the effects.



Helen Caldicott


We will not speculate here about the motivations of the fearmongers, some of them surely believe in what they are saying, even when proven wrong. Some of them seem to have a need to inflate their resumees, or refer to what sounds like scientific reasoning in order to impress people. And some of them claim to speak from a higher moral ground.



Leuren Moret



They may be right about a number of things, and sometimes they have correct things mixed into their gospel. But the main objective of it is not to give us good advice and proper information, the objective is to scare you into thinking like them.



Joseph Mangano


The effects are clearly seen on a number of blogs and news sites, many times the commentary fields are full of discussions that completely have lost connection with reality. The fearmongers are referred to as trustworthy authorities in the field, no matter what crazy things that comes from their mouths.



Janette Sherman


Six months have passed since the events in Fukushima started. The first round goes to the fearmongers. They will surely continue with their dark gospels, in whatever forms they preach them. And we will have to counter more of their nonsense in the future. Only one thing is clear: We will not leave them unopposed.



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