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Month: December 2011

3 strikes and you’re out! Sherman & Mangano does it again…

Join the chanting!

Once again the would-be world savers Janette Sherman (MD) and Joseph Mangano (something) are pushing for another round of scaremongering dressed in a scientific coat. They have got their nonsense about increased US infant mortality due to Fukushima published in a peer-reviewed journal. This time they have extended their faulty study and extrapolated the effect for the entire US. Lo’ and behold, 14 000 deaths so far, they claim! The article, published in the International Journal on Health Services, can be found here. For a bit more easy reading, the press release here will probably do.

We will not spend too much time on scrutinizing this study, and others are already on to it, for instance Michael Moyer in Scientific American, and Barbara Feder Ostrov in Reporting on Health. Furthermore, S&M have not made any amends for their first two faulty attempts (our comments here and here), and since the new article follows the same line of reasoning, we can only condemn them for trying to push the same lousy trick a third time. This is political activism from anti-nuclear icons, it is not science.

Joseph Mangano shows the size of his remaining credibility

From the media releases about this, we find some interesting statements by Mangano in Medpage Today:

In a telephone press conference, Mangano said the finding is a “clarion call for more extensive research.”

But he told MedPage Today that the researchers can’t rule out factors other than the Fukushima radiation that might have accounted for the excess.

“There are probably a variety of factors that could be linked to this excess of 14,000 deaths,” he said. “But it does raise a red flag.”

This is indeed a clarion call. It is a call for celebrities like Alex Baldwin and Christie Brinkley to start contemplating what kind of nut-crack that they support financially. And it does raise a red flag, the umpire raises the red flag after three strikes. Sherman & Mangano, you’re OUT!

Other posts in various media on the same subject

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Rapporten är klar

Hej kära kärnkraftsbloggen!

Minns ni oss? Två studenter från Falun som åkte ner till Ukraina, för att undersöka kärnkraftsattityder i den norra regionen Polesien. Nu har det gått lite tid sedan vi kom hem till Sverige mitt i natten, i ett flygplan som lät som att det hade ont i magen. Nu är det nämligen så att vår rapport “RBMK-reaktorerna är de säkraste på marknaden” är klar imorgon, på självaste Assars namnsdag!

Vi har fått mail av många som vill ta del av vad vi diskuterar i den över 50 sidor långa rapporten. För att tacka för vår korta vistelse här på bloggen så postar vi rapporten till intresserade! Så maila, om du fortfarande är intresserad, ditt namn, adress, postnummer och ort till oss så har du förhoppningsvis en papperskopia innan jul. Vill du inte ha någon papperskopia skickar vi via mail också.

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