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Interview and Q & A with Robert Stone vs Greenpeace

On November 25, 2013, there was a screening in Stockholm of  Robert Stone’s pro-nuclear film “Pandora’s Promise“, co-arranged by the department of Reactor Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology, Analysgruppen, and Swedish Society for Nuclear Technology (SKS). There are a few clips from the accompanying interview with Stone, a panel debate and Q&A from the audience. The panel debate is in Swedish, the rest in English.

Here is – what I find – an amusing attempt by Isadora Wronski, the anti-nuclear campaign leader for Greenpeace Nordic, trying to upstage Stone. The result? Well… see for yourselves.

I have heard from people present at the debate that Wronski was clearly displaying anger at not succeeding in fiddling with the numbers.

The rest of the videos are available at SKS’s YouTube page.

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