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24 days after the tsunami

Last updated on March 1, 2013

Update 18:00(CET)/16:00(UTC)/01:00(JST)

There isn’t much new in the NISA and JAIF reports so I won’t write up the status of the reactors now.

The pressure in the number 1 reactor pressure vessel continues climbing, its now up to 700kPa(about a tenth of the normal operating pressure). But containment pressure is stable at 150kPa and temperature in feed water nozzle is slowly declining.

The big news of the day is that TEPCO will dump some radioactive water into the sea in order to make room for higher activity water from reactor number 2. I haven’t seen any breakdown on the isotopes found in the water intended to be flushed. IAEA writes this

TEPCO has estimated that the potential additional annual dose to a member of the public would be approximately 0.6 millisieverts (mSv), if they ate seaweed and seafood caught, from near the plant, every day for a year.

Quite a small dose(a bit more than one tenth of  what a normal Swede gets in a year from background radiation) that won’t have any measurable health consequences. I wonder how large it is at all compared to what is leaking continuously into the sea.

There is no luck in finding the leak that is pumping out all the highly active water from the number 2 reactor. NISA has released a new overview on the ducts and tunnels connecting everything.

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