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Nuclear Power? Yes Please

Nuclear Power? Yes Please 

Our blog is currently in Swedish and English. For those of you that want only the english articles, you can use this link. A few highlighs:

Did you think renewable energy is sustainable? Think again… When looking at what we actually mean by “sustainable development”, we reach conclusion that nuclear power meets the definition, while many renewable energy sources don’t.

The day wind power nearly blew out Europe An analysis of a continent wide power disturbance that shows reliance on wind power and other intermittent power sources puts the grid a big risk of collapsing.

Study says German nuclear power causes child cancer… or does it? Yet another report claiming cancer clusters around nuclear plants. Reading the report closely reveals it to say the plants cannot be reposible for that.

This… is an ex-parrot!! Musings about the frustration one can suffer debating the issue of nuclear power.