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Gurke? Nein Danke…

Last updated on March 1, 2013

While Angela Merkel was busy contemplating whether to close down nuclear power, 10 people died from EHEC infected cucumbers. During the same time, nuclear power in the world – including Fukushima – killed noone.

So… if nuclear power is so dangerous that it has actually not killed or seriously injured anyone and therefore needs to be banned… while German cucumbers make people bleed their intestines out to the point of actually dying… doesn’t that mean…


Gurke? Nein Danke
Gurke? Nein Danke (clickable for high-res image)

Also, as a little side note… in the 80 days that has passed since the Japanese Earthquake and tsunami disaster struck… approximately 400 to 600 people have already been sentenced to premature deaths due to Germany’s decision to close down nuclear power, from the increased emissions from fossil fuels. Now Germany plans to add another 10 000 MW of coal power to its production to replace the nuclear power, meaning another 100 000 to 250 000 people will die, due to the extra pollution this will cause.

Way to go Angela…

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