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German economy minister: “To prevent paper cuts, we must cut off our arms”

Last updated on March 1, 2013

Ok, now it is official: Germany has gone batshit crazy.

Power firms should invest massively in coal and gas-fired power technology and renewable energy sources, Harry Voigtsberger, economy minister of Germany’s most populous state North Rhine Westphalia, said in the Financial Times Deutschland.

The original article can be read here (in german).

Angela Markel seems to be agreeing

In a document from Friday’s meeting obtained by Reuters, Merkel and her ministers laid out a six-point plan that includes a 5 billion-euro credit programme to support renewables.

It will also require building new gas and coal plants, Merkel said. “Gas and coal power plants were discussed… an accelerated exit from nuclear energy will lead to replacement power stations,” she said.

Why? So they can get rid of nuclear power…

This is about as stupid an idea as to say that in order to prevent paper cuts to your finger you should cut off your arms!

Sure… you achieve what you aimed for… but did you really concider the side effects before you took a knife and started carving?

Diese dummen Deutschen…

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